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Are you searching for beer themed party favors? Look no further! I have created the ultimate guide, which also doubles as a handy list when you need to find a gift for a beer geek. Okay fine, this is actually my secret wish list, but nonetheless I hope you find it useful!

I’ve always loved planning parties, especially when it came to choosing the beer. The craft beer scene in Los Angeles is growing at a lovely pace and there’s a new brewery popping up on a monthly basis. The only drawback is, this makes it difficult for beer enthusiasts, let alone casual beer drinkers, to keep up. I don’t blame them for not being able to support their local brewery all the time. How can they? There are like 30 within a 20 mile range! And the traffic in LA is getting worse by the hour. So what’s a good solution? Bring the brewery to them. This is Draft In Style in a nutshell! So now, not only do I help people find a beer for their event, but I get to assist them with  other fun aspects like beer themed decor and party favors! Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Okay, let’s go over a few things before we get to the list. First of all, why give out party favors? If you’re one of those people who think this is an insignificant detail, think again. Whether it’s a 200 person wedding or an intimate 20 person birthday party, the point is… it’s a party! You wouldn’t be inviting these people in the first place if you didn’t want them to be there. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could give them a little token of your appreciation for being there? Plus, they get to take something home that will remind them of your special day. And whether it’s something that would be a great conversation starter  or simply a practical item they can use all the time, they will always have a memory from that occasion. If you’re on a budget though and can’t factor in shelf life, don’t worry, there’s other stuff you can do (see 1-4). Otherwise, you want something that can last, such as these beautiful customized tulip glasses (photo above) our favorite bride and groom from last year got for their guests. Now every time their family or friends take the glass out of the cupboard, they will remember how much fun they had at the wedding. Memories evoke nostalgic feelings and that’s something money can’t buy. Now there’s an idea for an American Express commercial! Okay, jokes aside, you can find most of these items on Etsy (I LOVE Etsy) and if you need some additional help or inspiration, feel free to reach out!

The list goes in order from “I’m on a tight budget” to “money is no object!” Keep in mind, the cost efficient items are more suitable for larger parties and can be customized. The pricier items are ideal if you want to personalize each one, which are perfect for smaller parties, such as a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Okay, here we go!

  1. Beer snacks

Whether you buy some beer nuts or trail mix and put them in little mason jars or get some gourmet popcorn and wrap them in a fancy way, this is super easy to make and every beer lover will appreciate it!


  1. Beer Sweets

This can be chocolate or candy made with beer or chocolate or candy shaped like a beer glass/bottle.


  1. Craft beer bottle vases

This may take some time (or you can ask family and friends to save their empty bottles) but you basically collect a bunch of cool craft beer bottles and put some pretty flowers in them. To make it look even nicer, bunch them up in 3’s (with a ribbon, string or twine), but obviously you need triple the amount of bottles.


  1. Beer soap

Yes, this is a thing. Look it up on Etsy.


  1. Beer koozies

I always recommend drinking out of a glass, but you can’t be picky. When you’re at a BBQ, picnic, the beach or camping, these sure do come in handy.


  1. Coasters

Just search “funny beer coasters” or something similar.


  1. Beer socks

This could be something fun for a holiday party. Just search it on Etsy and you’ll see what I mean.


  1. Beer glasses

This can be a tulip glass, stein, or even a tumbler (perfect for an outdoor party in the summer). You can also do a sign like the one shown in the photo and use markers or name tags (search glass name tag holders).


  1. Shower beer holder

If you don’t think this is awesome there’s something wrong with you.


  1. Beer coffee aka “hopped up coffee”

This is perfect for coffee lovers.


  1. Beer candle

So there are 2 kinds here: beer scented candles and candles in beer bottles, cans or glasses. You can find all of them on Etsy.


  1. Succulents

Just search “beer succulents.”


  1. Beer bottle openers

This can range anywhere from a few bucks to over $20 and some are great for corporate events and others are better for smaller parties, but try searching these keywords or phrases after “beer bottle opener:” keychain, credit card opener, USB, wall mounted, pocket knife, multi tool, personalized, customized.


  1. Beer!

This is perfect for home brewers.  If you don’t home brew maybe you have a friend who does and you can help make a batch of “I DO Brew” and get some nice labels to go along with it. What’s more unique than a beer you brewed yourself for your guests to take home? Just make sure it tastes good!


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